Couples Massage: Explore The Art of Reconnection - SpafinderA Tantric massage is a type of bodywork that aims to help with healing and relaxation by using different types of touch, music, and aromatherapy.

Tantric massages are very different from typical western massages in that they are less focused on the muscles and more focused on the mind and body this means that they are less about relieving pain and stress and more about helping you understand yourself better and achieve a deeper state of relaxation.

Tantric massages are also aimed at helping you become more connected to yourself and others, allowing you to communicate better and live a more connected life. While the focus is different than typical western massage, the experience is very similar and when done right, can be just as therapeutic.

With this being said, the main difference is that Tantric massages are aimed at helping you relax, think more clearly, and connect better with others.


Healing Properties of a Tantric Massage

There are many healing properties that can come from london tantric massage and we will discuss these below.

1st Increased Oxytocin – Increased Oxytocin is the “cuddle chemical” that is released during orgasm and maternal bond. Oxytocin has many benefits including increased bliss and blissful feelings, decreased anxiety and stress, and relief from symptoms of depression.

2nd Better Sleep – The ability to fall asleep and stay asleep is dependent on a lot of things including your diet, your fitness level, and your mental health. During a Tantric massage, the touch is much lighter than typical western massage and there is less pressure on the muscles this means that you will be able to relax even further leading to better sleep.

3rd Boosts Immunity – Touch has the ability to boost immunity in a number of ways.

  • Firstly, touch reduces stress hormones that affect the immune system.
  • Secondly, it increases the production of the anti-stress hormone called Endogenous Opioid Neuro-Transmitters a.k.a ENDOT.

4th Better Digestion – The massage focuses on muscles and also focuses on deep pressure this means that the massage will be more likely to affect the digestion system than a typical western massage would.



Benefits of a Tantric Massage

We have discussed above the healing properties that can come from a Tantric massage when done right, a Tantric massage can have a number of benefits including better sleep, boosted immunity, better digestion, and increased bliss.

Additionally, Tantric massages can be very relaxing and reduce stress and anxiety this means that you can use them to help with symptoms of depression such as moodiness and decreased motivation. There are also many people who find that they sleep better and feel calmer after a Tantric massage.


How to Achieve Maximum Relaxation in a Tantric Massage

When it comes to achieving maximum relaxation in a Tantric massage, you want to make sure that your masseuse is experienced in the art of Tantric massage, while there are many factors that can affect how relaxed you are during a Tantric massage, the vast majority of them are within the masseuse’s control.

You want to make sure that the masseuse takes the time to understand you and your needs before beginning the massage, this will help ensure that they take the time to understand the muscles and their tension so that they can help reduce them.

Another important thing to remember is to have your massage in a quiet and tranquil place, the last thing you want is for your massage to be interrupted by other people, noises, or sounds.

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