The Numerous Traditions of Indian Weddings

The Numerous Traditions of Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are known all over the world for his or her elaborate events therefore the wedding isn’t a few merely a day but a number of functions that begin from a number of days prior to the wedding. These events and rituals are what make these weddings interesting, colorful and engaging. Anybody who would like to experience India first hands should jump at an opportunity of seeing a true Indian wedding.

The traditions that are affixed to Indian weddings such as the engagement ceremony, known as the Sagai, or even the Sangeet, that is a musical function, vary across the nation due to varied cultures contained in the various provinces. However it does not appear the various events are, they will likely be colorful and definitely worth visiting.

Let us take a look at a few of the common traditions of Indian weddings that are presently popular with time.

The Sagai

The Sagai may be the engagement ceremony that is celebrated in many cultures across the nation. Although the engagement ceremony could be celebrated in a number of ways in various places, yet still it greatly happens.

The Sangeet

The Sangeet, or even the musical function before wedding, is another favorite and popular tradition that come with Indian weddings. Within this colorful ceremony, there’s a good amount of songs and dances, mostly focused on the wedding couple as well as their marriage ceremony. It’s a popular custom that boys and women of different ages dance towards the famous tunes and also the elders rejoice.

The Mehndi

This function happens each day before the actual wedding and it is mainly centered on the beautification from the bride-to-be. Siblings along with other female friends and cousins place Mehndi or henna around the bride’s ft and hands in intricate designs. And the remainder of her is also given traditional homemade cosmetics to boost her beauty.

Sola Shringar

This really is one other popular custom of beautifying the bride to be in Indian weddings. The word Sola Shringar refers back to the 16 beautifying elements. This ritual includes applying turmeric paste (Ubtan) on her behalf legs and arms, putting oil in her own hair, covering her in heavy jewellery designed for brow, ears, arms, nose, fingers and toes and dressing her in red clothes.


The Kanyadaan happens when the bride’s father offers her hands within the hands from the groom to correctly hand out the bride to be in to the group of your daughter’s groom.

The Seven Vows

The seven vows or Pheras have quality value in Indian weddings. Over these sacred vows the wedding couple both walk round the fire seven occasions to create lifelong offers to one another.

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